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10 Gifts For Caregivers

As the holidays rapidly approach, you might want to add you or your senior’s caregivers to the holiday shopping list. Caregivers most likely spend a significant amount of time with your loved one, so make sure to thank them for all the hard work they’re doing. But what do you get them? Luckily, Senior Caring has a pretty good idea about some of the things on their wish list. Here are just a few of our suggestions for gifts for caregivers.

10 Great Gifts for Caregivers

1. A Mini-vacation

Now, we know you probably can’t afford to send them off to Hawaii for a fun-in-the-sun vacation, but you can provide them with a weekend of relaxation for minimal cost. Get them a gift card to the local bookstore or spa so they can enjoy some much-needed R & R. Your caregiver is most likely spending around 40 hours a week in a very stressful environment helping your senior day in and day out, so give them some time to recharge.

2. Framed Photos

Although it might sound cheesy, your caregiver will love having a framed memory of them and their patient. Often a caregiver and patient form a close bond, so it could be the perfect gift to let your caregiver know that they’re part of the family. The holidays are about spending time with the family, so make sure your caregiver knows they’re part of yours.

3. Donation to the Facility

Gifts for caregivers don’t necessarily have to go to the caregiver. If your caregiver is contracted by an agency, it might be a good idea to donate to their facility. Any amount of money can help pay for not only senior benefits, but it can also trickle down to an increased wage for caregivers and better benefits. Although you won’t be directly giving them a gift, it’s still a great way to give back.

4. Aromatherapy

Relaxation products or service make awesome gifts for caregivers. Another great way to relax is through the use of candles or incense. Make up a gift basket for your loved one’s caregiver that contains the essentials for creating a relaxing night. Whether it’s lounging in the tub or on the couch, some scented candles can make for a very relaxing night.

5. Flowers

Almost everyone likes flowers and this is an easy gift that will brighten your caregiver’s day. Snag a beautiful bouquet from a local florist and remind your caregiver how much you appreciate them. It’s a cheerful, thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

6. Jewelry

A charm bracelet is also a great gift choice for your caregiver. Find charms that symbolize not only their favorites but the relationship between you and your loved one.

7. Meals

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal to thank your senior’s caregiver for their service. They’ve most likely made countless meals for your loved one, so it’ll be a great way to give back to them.

8. Music

Music has been shown to be healing, stress reducing, and sleep enhancing for caregivers as well as care receivers. Music goes beyond language to help people connect. Create a playlist for your caregiver or find a CD of their favorite artists so they can relax and enjoy some of their favorite music.

9. Magazine Subscriptions

Your caregiver will most likely have some downtime, even on the job. A great gift idea is to get them a subscription to their favorite magazine so they have reading material during their downtime.

10. Thank You Letter

It sounds so simple, but a letter expressing your appreciation can go a long way. Caregivers often feel underappreciated, so make sure to let them know how much you and your senior appreciate their service.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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