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5 Signs Your Senior Should Move In

Living with family can be a touchy topic for many, whether it’s about a senior refusing to give up their remaining independence as a homeowner, difficulty with planning things financially, or just a simple lack of space for more people in a household. And while everyone’s journey will be different, we all feel the effects of time as it passes and try to respond the best we can. We understand that your senior may not yet be willing, or even able to move to into a senior living community or another type of personal care home. For that reason, it’s important to recognize these 5 signs a senior should move in.

5 Signs Your Senior Should Move In

senior should move in

Senior loved ones living with family can still contribute to a household!

1. They aren’t staying healthy

As we age, staying healthy in every sense of the word becomes more and more important. Whether that means finding the right time to exercise, eating properly, or living in a proper environment, senior health can require much time and attention. For those living alone, routines can become stagnant, the cleanliness of the home could suffer, and sometimes it’s just difficult to get out and bring home some groceries. Moving in with family means a senior can work as part of a household team once again to make sure their health doesn’t fall by the wayside.

2. Their bills are unpaid and piling up

For many senior retirees, living expenses aren’t always a simple matter of making payments as the bills arrive. Depending on what sources of income are flowing their way, a single senior can have difficulty with bills whether through a lack of money or just being overwhelmed altogether. If they are still working, it might be better to consider how your loved one can leverage their current home to pay for a senior care option while moving in for the time being.

3. Their social wellbeing is suffering

Sometimes we assume that just because someone is an adult that they have the ability to be social and remain engaged with their communities or friends. Along with staying physically healthy, maintaining social and emotional health are key to human wellbeing, both young and old! If it’s decided that your senior should move in, you can monitor how much they are interacting with others and help them to connect with more people their age. Even the chance to socialize with family is a great source of social wellbeing and can contribute greatly to one’s health overall.

4. They are vulnerable to scams

Living alone means there is no one else to safeguard seniors against targeted scams and other frauds. With millions affected by identity theft each year, helping your senior to resist scams and other potential threats to their financial well-being is much easier if you’re present to act as a consultant. With things like fake news and many increasingly sophisticated means of stealing someone’s identity, many seniors are unequipped to handle these new forms of fraud. Even if you’re not an expert yourself, a little teamwork can go a long way when dealing with senior financial abuse.

5. You don’t have to worry as much

Besides everything mentioned so far, making the case for why a senior should move in can allow you and your family to have much greater peace of mind in knowing your loved one will be taken care of for the time being. Though their stay may not be permanent, it gives time to plan and transition into whatever senior living option is to come next.

Hopefully, adding another person to your household doesn’t cause any excessive stress, but just know that there are many resources and options to explore to ensure your loved one is cared for!

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