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7 Myths About Senior Living Communities

You most likely already have a lot of preconceptions of a senior care community, whether they’re good or bad, there are plenty of myths that surround senior living communities, so it’s important to lay some of them to rest. Maybe someone you know had a relative in an old-time nursing home years ago, or you watched a Hollywood flick that grossly misrepresented senior living. Either way, you should really know what to accept before you or your loved one decide to take the next step and move into a senior living community. Below we’re busting just a few of the most common myths about living in senior living communities.

7 Myths About Senior Living Communities

1.     Seniors Just Sit Around All Day

One of the biggest reasons that seniors are hesitant about senior living communities is that they’re afraid that they will spend their days in front of the TV or sitting quietly without much stimulation. Studies have shown that seniors stay healthier, more active and live longer in retirement communities than in their own home. The reason? Many senior living communities have regular wellness and fitness programs to keep residents active and healthy. Not to mention all of the socialization that seniors receive while living at senior living communities.

2.     Senior Living is Just a Fancy Word For Nursing Homes

Well, not exactly. Nursing homes focus primarily on skilled medical care and therapies while assisted living facilities and other senior care communities promote as much independence in activities of daily living as possible. These communities essentially bring together seniors who are going through similar transitions and issues. You’ll be able to connect with those like you and enjoy your next stage in life with like-minded people.

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3.     I Won’t Have Any Friends

You might already be getting flashbacks to your first days of school. It’s normal to be apprehensive about finding new friends, especially as an adult. You’ve most likely had a close-knit circle of friends for years now, so it can be tough to make new ones. However, keep an open mind and you’ll be sure to find a new friend to enjoy your senior community with.

4.     Leave Your Belongings Behind

Just because you’re moving into a senior living community does not mean that you have to ditch everything you’ve owned before. In fact, many senior living communities will encourage you to bring pieces to make your new place feel like home. Many independent living communities will give you full reign of decorating your place, so make sure you know what you plan on bringing.

5.     Say Goodbye To Outdoor Hobbies

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions about senior living communities is that when you move, you’ll be saying goodbye to all those outdoor hobbies that you know and love. This is actually not true at all. Studies have shown that people who are active and engaged are healthier and happier. Extensive activity programs give all residents options and choices tailored to their specific needs, desires, and even lifestyle. These programs reduce the isolation felt when living alone. You don’t have to compromise your need for the outdoors just because you’re moving into a senior living community. You can keep your love of gardening or hiking while in your new community.

6.     Meals Aren’t Appetizing

Almost all senior care communities will provide tasty and nutritious meals. Whether it’s homemade pasta or some hearty beef stew, you can expect some seriously delicious meals. Or, it’s quite possible you’ll be able to cook whatever kind of meal you want. Many independent living homes offer a stove and a kitchen area so you can make all your favorites whenever you want.

7.     It’s Only For People That Can’t Take Care of Themselves

Many assume that senior living communities are for those who no longer are able to take care of themselves, and while this is a great option for seniors who need extensive care, senior living communities are also available for fully functioning seniors. You can enjoy the life at an independent living community while still keeping your independence in check.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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