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Assisted Living Activities For Seniors

You might already have an idea in your mind when it comes to assisted living activities for seniors. Many picture a few tables in an empty room, with the drone of a bingo caller providing the background noise for idle conversation. Others might imagine that craft-night will highlight the month, with knitting and crochet stirring up loads of fun. However, assisted living activities for seniors have come a long way.  A variety of activities is a great way to keep you or your loved one active.

35% of residents will remain in assisted living for a year or longer, while 16% will stay for three years or more. This is why assisted living activities are so important. Below we’ve provided a comprehensive list of assisted living activities for seniors.

Assisted Living Activities For Seniors

Walking Club

Walking is a great way to get some exercise while living in an assisted living community. It’s also a great excuse to get to know your fellow residents. Some resident walk locally in parks or neighborhoods; others travel to malls for indoor walking. Others organize for advocacy walks to raise funds for causes like arthritis or Alzheimer’s research. It’s time that you or your loved one get out and about during your time in an assisted living community.

Field Trips

Field trips are a great way to enjoy the surrounding area with some of your fellow residents. Senior communities frequently host field trips to museums, sports games, concerts, and shows. For example, residents at Meadow Lark Estates in Kansas recently toured the University of Kansas Football Stadium. The University of Kansas football coach even taught seniors a “Football 101″course. Other ideas for field trips also include trips to the bowling alley, the ice cream parlor, or a local sporting event. Residents should keep an eye on any scheduled field trips. You might miss out on a new and exciting experience.

Virtual Sports

If you don’t want to travel anywhere, there are plenty of assisted living activities that you can enjoy inside. For the uninitiated, the Wii is a video game system made by Nintendo that allows you to interact with the game by moving your body rather than pressing buttons or manipulating a joystick. It may sound tricky, but senior community residents will tell you otherwise. Residents have found Wii easy to use, fun, and downright addictive. Enjoy sports like bowling, golf, and tennis all from the comfort of your senior care community.

assisted living activities

Craft Night

One of the most popular assisted living activities for seniors is arts and crafts. Not only is arts and crafts a great way to bring the assisted living community together, but it can also help with fine motor skills that tend to slow down as we age. Some examples of crafts that seniors can look forward too are making holiday decorations, quilting, or even making flower arrangements. Either way, these assisted activities for seniors are a great way to spark creativity.

Pet Therapy

There should always be time for some furry friends in your assisted living community. It’s not unusual for special-guest pets to be brought in to spend time with residents, who may miss animals they’ve given up. Some sites house resident pets — from fish in tanks, wandering cats, guinea pigs, and bunnies who mingle with the humans who live there. These visits can greatly boost the morale of residents and having a live-in pet gives seniors the experience of having a furry companion without the stress of taking care of it alone.

If you have any other suggestions for assisted living activities for seniors, let us know below!

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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