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7 Best Dogs for Seniors

So, you’re thinking of adopting a dog either for yourself or for your senior loved one. Welcoming pets into your home can be extremely rewarding but it does require a lot of consideration. Although all dogs deserve a loving home, some breeds are better suited than others to adapt to your situation. Before you adopt, think about both your needs and the needs of the dog. After careful consideration, you can determine whether or not a specific breed might be a good fit. Once you have figured out what you are looking for in a pet, you can begin to check out some of the best dogs for seniors!

7 Best Dogs For Seniors

Here is our list of 7 best dogs for seniors ranked from 7 down to number 1! Let us help you determine which dog breed is right for you.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

Best Dogs for Seniors

Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately referred to as Yorkies, make great companion dogs. They require minimal grooming especially if their hair is kept short. They also do not need as much exercise as many other breeds and love to cuddle up on the couch. However, they are not always great with strangers as they tend to become very protective of their owners. If you frequently have guests over, it may be best to consider looking into another breed. The remaining 6 dogs described on our best dogs for seniors list is a great place to start!

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Best Dogs for Seniors

The perfect lap dog, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small to medium sized dog that is extremely loyal. They tend to look for any opportunity to earn some affection making them extremely sociable. While this breed can be stubborn, they are one of the best dogs for seniors when trained properly. They also do not require as much exercise as a most other breeds and instead are content hanging out on the couch napping.

5. Greyhound

Best Dogs for Seniors

While the Greyhound may be a bit larger than most other dogs on this list, they also might just have the biggest hearts. Since they are typically adopted after being retired from racing, they are well socialized, well trained, and highly intelligent. Although they are an athletic breed, they are equally as content to find a comfortable spot on the couch with you while you read or watch TV.

4. Poodle

Best Dogs for Seniors

Poodles are ideal pets for those with allergies as they do not shed. This said they do require somewhat more intensive grooming than other breeds on this list. However, poodles are extremely intelligent making them a fun companion. Additionally, they are bred in a variety of sizes including toy, miniature, and standard meaning that you will be able to choose the size that is right for you.

3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Best Dogs for Seniors

Due to their history as herding dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are an intelligent and easy to train breed. They are also great with other animals and kids making them ideal if you have family and grandchildren over frequently. At the end of the day, they will be happy to find a warm seat right by your side.

2. Havanese

Best Dogs for Seniors

Another small dog, this breed loves kids, is extremely affectionate and easy to train, and does not require any special amount of exercise. However, they do require regular grooming. These make a great dog for apartments as they do not require a great deal of space. Similar to the Poodle, the Havanese does not shed much making them another great choice for those with allergies.

1. Maltese

Best Dogs for Seniors

These furry friends are extremely adaptable and great with people and pets. Aside from being an awesome companion around the house, they are also great travel partners due to their size and temperament. So, for those who plan to travel to visit friends or family, the Maltese tops the list of best dogs for seniors.


Now that you have an idea of where to start, you can start to research the breed might be best for you. Keep in mind, most care facilities have restrictions on whether or not pets are allowed and what breeds are permitted. If you are looking for a care facility that allow pets, you can find some right here on SeniorCaring.com!

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