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Best Gifts for Seniors | Our Top 10 Picks - The Caring Chronicles | Senior Caring Blog

Best Gifts for Seniors | Our Top 10 Picks

Christmas is almost here, so it’s time to start thinking about what you want to get for your loved ones. But, buying gifts for seniors can be challenging. Elderly people are often downsizing in the later stages of their lives, so they may not have room for larger presents. This is especially true if they are in the process of moving into a nursing home. When searching for gifts for seniors, you should try to look for items that are either sentimental or practical. To make your Christmas shopping easier, we’ve come up with a list of the top gifts to get for seniors!

gifts for seniors

Top 10 Gifts for Seniors


Whether it’s a meal prepping service or their favorite magazine, a subscription plan is a very thoughtful option when it comes to gifts for seniors. It’s a great way for them to keep up with their interests without leaving their homes. Subscriptions really are the gift that keeps on giving because most subscription plans last for at least one year. And, you can always renew them once they’re done!

Customized Keepsakes

There are a lot of websites that can create and ship customizable gifts right to your door. All you have to do is pick the type of gift and send in some pictures! From coasters, to calendars, to puzzles, to blankets, a customized gift is a wonderful way to remind your loved ones of the special memories that you’ve shared with them.


Retirement leaves a lot of time for reminiscing. But, it can be hard for seniors to keep everything straight after so many years. Gifting a journal to a senior allows them to organize and preserve their memories. And, if they’re comfortable sharing their entries with you, it’s an opportunity for you to discover what their lives were like in the past.

Hobby Accessories

Having hobbies is very important for leading a healthy lifestyle. To avoid feeling isolated and unfulfilled, seniors should use their free time to pursue their interests. If they like to paint, get them an art set. If they like to hike, grab them a pair of sturdy boots. Whatever it is that makes them glow, support their passion with a thoughtful gift!

Oil Diffuser

When properly kept, oil diffusers provide a host of health benefits┬ásuch as promoting sleep and stress-relief. They’re also a great way to keep a home smelling fresh without using candles – which can cause fires if left unattended!


Perhaps the senior in your life is an avid reader but they don’t have a lot of space to keep books. Kindles are compact and easy to use, so they are a wonderful space saver for any senior that loves to read!

Amazon Devices

Amazon speakers are becoming very popular gifts for seniors because they are incredibly user-friendly. Equipped with Amazon Alexa, these devices allow your loved one to play their favorite tunes, check the weather, and search the web through simple voice commands!


Cleaning can be a pretty physically demanding task for seniors, so why not give your loved one a Roomba for Christmas? These tiny vacuums keep floors clean by maneuvering around the house. While this is a very practical gift, make sure that everyone in the living space is aware of this device and what it does. You don’t want anyone tripping over it!

Item Locator

Item locators such as Tile can help the senior in your life keep track of their valuables. All they have to do is attach the device to an item of their choice. Once they do this, they can download an easy-to-use app that will locate the item whenever they’ve misplaced it.


Staying active is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, so a Fitbit is a great gift idea for seniors. This wearable device can do everything from tracking steps to monitoring heart rate. It’s also an ideal option for health-conscious seniors because it has a very long battery life!

These are just a few ideas to help you figure out what to get your loved ones for Christmas. Can you think of any other gifts for seniors that should be on this list? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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