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Grants For Senior Citizens

As we age, the financial burden that we undertake can grow heavier with time. With bills adding up, and in many cases, little income by way of a retirement plan, it can be tough to ensure that you’re financially stable in the latter years of your life. While Medicaid and Medicare are a few great tools for staying afloat financially, there is another tool that many seniors don’t even know about. Grants for senior citizens provide financial support for the elderly – and you don’t even have to pay the money back! Just like a college grant, companies, non-profits, and even the government will reward senior citizens the financial support that they need to ensure a happy and healthy aging process. Below we’ve provided just a few of the many grants available for seniors.

grants for senior citizens

5 Grants For Senior Citizens

1. AARP Social Innovation Fund

This grant created by the AARP is designed to provide assistance with those who are in the low-income sector and would like to continue working. Funded by the government, this grant is designed to help seniors re-enter the workforce by providing financial stability so they can get back on their feet and back into the workforce. If you or your loved one plans to continue working, this might be the grant for you.

2. State Grants

One of the first places you should look for when pursuing grants for senior citizens is on your own state government website. Most states have grant programs that are designed to help the elderly. For example, in Connecticut you can apply for a grant to create or upgrade group housing for the elderly. In New York and some other states, you can apply for grant assistance for prescription costs for the elderly. These state grants are often funded by the federal government and are designed to stimulate economic growth. Make sure to check our your state government website or the Department of Social Services page for more information on grants for senior citizens in your home state.

3. Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Grant

This grant for senior citizens is awarded to those who are willing to volunteer on a regular basis. This award looks to reward seniors who still like to stay involved in the community by doing volunteer work. Through your generous volunteer service, you will be rewarded financially, and you can put this grant towards housing, food, or any other basic necessity you need it for. These grants for senior citizens are designed to reward seniors for their selfless acts.

4. Enhanced Mobility of Seniors With Disabilities

This grant for senior citizens is designed to provide financial assistance in meeting the transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities where public transportation services are unavailable, insufficient, or inappropriate. If you’re living in a small town with little options for transportation, or simply have a disability that limits your ability to travel, grants for senior citizens like these will make sure that you have the financial stability and mobility to go about your daily life. Funds can be given to state government to improve public transportation or used to give directly to seniors who have trouble with mobility. Either way, make sure to look into this grant so you can ensure your mobility and health during the aging process.

5. Private Grants

There are also a wide variety of private grants that are designed to help seniors, so make sure you’re doing the proper research. A grant like “The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Grant” is a private grant that helps provide the proper care and assistance for seniors who receive the grant. These grants for senior citizens help individuals and entire facilities to ensure that the older generation is getting the proper care they deserve. Make sure to explore the variety of private grants awarded online to you can get the financial help you or your loved one deserves.

What other grants do you know of that are available for senior citizens?

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