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New Technology Improvements to At-Home Senior Care

Health care is an ever-growing force of improvement, especially when it comes to new at-home care. Technology improvements are entering the everyday lives of millions of people both young and old. More Americans are adopting the use of technology and bringing devices such as smartphones, smart televisions, and wireless voice responders into their homes for personal use. But what can be done with the technological advances to help those requiring extra care? According to the PEW Research center, senior citizens ages 65 and older have increased their use and interest in technology.

Technology Improvements for Senior Care

So what does this mean for those seniors and their caregiver’s employment of different technology improvements? More devices and applications are becoming readily available and adapted to be released to improve the quality of home care for seniors.

Computer Modeling

Knowing exactly what will help your loved one after they suffer a heart attack, fall, or any other trauma is difficult to accomplish. However, the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering is developing computer imaging to help scan their patients. Once scanned, doctors will be able to prescribe a recovery plan and physical therapy regimen to get their patients up and moving again with confidence. They can also be used in monitoring pre-existing medical needs or modeling implants such as stents.

Home Sensor Care

Despite the fears of privacy infringements, sensors that monitor what your loved one is up to and how they get around when you’re not at home can be placed around the house. Some of the more common areas where seniors fall such as staircases, bathtubs, and bedrooms can be fixed with these sensors that send information to an application you download on your phone.

Smartphone Apps

Phone applications are an easy and vital role in keeping seniors up-to-date in helping themselves when their caregiver is away. Different types of apps, whether “brain games” or medical based, can provide seniors with a sense of confidence and independence when their caregiver is away. Some popular apps seniors can use daily include:

FollowMyHealth– This app helps seniors monitor their vitals or manage recurring symptoms. The app then keeps a logged record of previous and current medical standing of the user.

PillBoxie– Medication mix-ups are a dangerous thing; particularly if a senior receives home care part time. PillBoxie users can monitor their medications and log how they feel throughout the day with this simple application. If your loved one is away from home, he or she can still use this application as it does not require an internet connection.

EyeReader– This application uses the existing flashlight feature on a smartphone to increase the font size on hard-to-read text. This can assist in reading pill bottle drug information or the smaller fonts on other daily entertainment.

Smart Wearables

Smart wearable devices have become a part of millions of lives, tracking heart rate, exercises, and sleeping habits. While they may not be available to the public yet, companies like Schrock Innovations and UnaliWear have been developing wearables made for seniors. These discreet devices monitor falls, check vitals and even include GPS location services. They also can be designed to resemble the look of a standard watch compared to devices like FitBit and the AppleWatch.

The technology improvements listed above are just a handful of the plethora of developments being made in the field of health care and at-home senior caregiving. Every day users will begin to see more developements that best suit their need when recieving full- or part-time care.

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