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The New Norm | Video Chat Tips For Seniors - The Caring Chronicles | Senior Caring Blog

The New Norm | Video Chat Tips For Seniors

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we go about our everyday lives. From social distancing guidelines to quarantining entire counties, we’re finding ourselves often isolated for those who mean the most to us. We’re specifically seeing this in the senior community. We know that seniors are especially susceptible to the coronavirus, which is why the majority of senior care facilities are not allowing visitors until the pandemic slows down. While this is great for the safety and health of seniors, it’s also leaving healthcare facilities with a lot of lonely residents. However, with the technology we have today, seniors can see friends and family with the press of a button! Below, we’re going to go over so great video chat tips for seniors. Let’s give them a look!

Video Chat Tips For Seniors

Get the Right Equipment

Before you consider setting your senior up for video chat, you want to make sure you’ve got the right hardware to do so. Many people get the latest iPhone or another form of smartphone for their loved one, but it’s actually better to purchase a tablet. A tablet is larger and easier for seniors to read. Your senior will also have an easier time navigating the screen in order to make or receive video calls. The larger screen also means that the person’s video chatting will be larger on the screen. This way, you can fit not only yourself but the grandkids and other family members on the screen as well.

Get the Right Software

After you’ve got your device up and running, it’s time to find the ideal app. One of the best video chat tips we can provide is to download an app that is simple and easy to use. Facetime is your best bet, if you have an iPhone or iPad. You won’t have to create an account. Instead, your senior can use the phone number of any loved one and you’ll be able to speak with them via video chat.

video chat tips for seniors

If a different type of advice is being used, or you’re having multiple family members on the call, you can try an app like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Another great option is Generations on Line’s free app Easy Tablet Help for Seniors, which covers basics like how to use a tablet and how to set up tools like FaceTime and Skype. This app, which is also available in in-browser versions for Apple and Android devices alike, provides tap-to-follow instructions on video calling installation and use and is geared toward seniors who are not particularly tech-inclined. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that help seniors navigate video chatting.

Find a Good Location

Another one of our video chat tips for seniors is to make sure you find an ideal location for video calls. Your senior should usually have no issue calling from his or her room. We recommend turning off any TVs or radios to prevent background noise. On the other end, make sure you’re in a quiet area and that the microphone is picking up your voice. Remember that many seniors have difficulty hearing, so you want to make sure it’s easy as possible for them to hear you. If you have multiple people who are eager to talk to their loved ones, make sure they’re speaking one at a time.

Be Patient

At the end of the day, one of the best video chat tips for seniors and/or their loved ones is to have some patience. Remember that this is a new piece of technology and a new way to communicate, so there’s going to be bumps in the road. The best thing to do is to just be patient. Everyone is adjusting to the “new norm,” especially seniors. This is why it’s important to just relax and realize that everyone is trying their best to adjust.

Have you had experience video chatting with your loved one? What tips would you give?

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