Nursing Homes in Massachusetts

As a state rich in American Revolutionary history, Massachusetts’ nursing homes can make wonderful long-term care options for seniors. Homes in the Bay State stand ready to provide residents with 24/7 premier skilled nursing services and resources. For those needing comprehensive care due to injuries, illnesses or other disabilities, Massachusetts has 413 skilled nursing homes to choose from.


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Skilled Nursing Care in Massachusetts – Cost Comparison

City Monthly Minimum Monthly Maximum Monthly Median
Boston $8,215 $13,080 $10,345
Quincy $8,215 $13,080 $10,345
Worcester $9,125 $13,200 $10,495

The cost of nursing home care in Massachusetts is higher than the national average cost. Median annual rates for a private room will cost about $139,580 with semi-private rooms at around $128,845. At these rates you’ll be paying close $382 a day, so it can be beneficial to shop around if possible.

For more information about skilled nursing care costs in Massachusetts, check out Genworth’s 2015 Cost of Care Survey.

Recreation & Attractions in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has it all! Take a scenic drive through the Berkshire Mountains, lounge on the beaches of Cape Cod, or responsibly enjoy some wine from the famous Martha’s Vineyard. As a premier cultural center, Boston offers a wide range of historical sites, museums, and restaurants.

For those looking to tour modern Massachusetts, the Boston Duck Tours give a unique tour experience via a special military vehicle designed to transition from land travel to water travel seamlessly. Inside of Boston, one will find the notable Faneuil Hall Marketplace. This famous Boston marketplace offers over 100 national retailers and restaurants along with amazing architecture unique to Boston.

Senior centers like those in Worcester can also make for great outlets for elder citizens. Opportunities to enjoy wellness programming, make friends and learn new things are only a few of the possibilities of joining a senior community center. Transportation and lunches are usually provided to keep your schedule running smoothly.

Massachusetts’s Climate, Geography, & Culture

Residents living in Massachusetts are proud of the history that has taken place in the state, and the state’s role in shaping America. The residents here are rather religious, but they are wise and friendly people.

Neighboring the Atlantic Ocean, the New England state experiences distinct and drastic seasonal changes. Although the coastline moderates weather changes, winter brings average temperatures hovering around freezing for the majority of the season providing the perfect climate for heavy snowfall.

Depending on the area, Massachusetts can accumulate between 40-60 inches of snow annually. Summer in Massachusetts brings typical summer weather with temperatures climbing into the 80 degree Fahrenheit range and occasionally into the 90 degree Fahrenheit range. With high temperatures, summer brings rain to the coastal state, averaging 40 inches of precipitation a year.

Massachusetts’s Nursing Homes Regulations & Laws

Federal and state laws regulate nursing homes in Massachusetts. The State receives funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which is a division of the Federal government’s Department of Health and Human Services. The State is responsible for inspecting nursing homes.

If residents are unhappy, they are free to express complaints or grievances and receive a response without fear of discrimination or reprisal. In Massachusetts, if nursing home residents have communication difficulties or cognitive issues, the nursing home must still make an effort to understand the resident’s issue.

Crime & Safety in Massachusetts

When looking for a new place to live, it is always important to consider the safety of the community you are in. Massachusetts has seen their crime rate on the decline, and actually has some of the lowest rates ever reported in the state. If you are not sure where to start your search, look at some the safest communities in Massachusetts:

LocationViolent Crimes Per 1,000 ResidentsProperty Crimes Per 1,000 Residents


Payment Options for Massachusetts Nursing Home Care

Nursing homes and skilled nursing residences in Massachusetts can cost upwards of $10,000 to $12,000 a month, so proper planning goes a long way if medical funds are scarce.

To qualify for Medicaid, individuals must have an income of no more than $1,407 a month or $2,898 if married. Based on medical conditions and other financial factors, individual eligibility for Medicaid may be altered.

Senior & Elderly Rights for Nursing Homes in Massachusetts

While residing in the community, a resident retains constitutional civil rights, rights of privacy, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. The resident also retains the right to personal possessions, autonomy over personal finances, bodily autonomy, and power of attorney. The resident has a right to be informed of the process to file a complaint of unsatisfactory living situations, abuse, neglect and the like. The complete list of residential rights as guaranteed by the state of Massachusetts can be viewed online

MA Nursing Homes: Medical Record Rules & Regulations

Medical records of residents shall be kept for a minimum of 5 years in the state of Massachusetts under federal and state regulation. All records are to be treated as confidential and kept safely. All nursing homes must have a medical records librarian or designate a trained employee to be responsible for making sure records are properly maintained, completed, and preserved.

You don’t need a revolution to live comfortably in the wonderful state of Massachusetts, even though moving to a nursing home can be a positively transformative experience!

Finding the perfect senior care community is only part of making your loved one’s senior living transition smooth. At SeniorCaring, we know that it is also equally important to be aware of what other community services and resources are available to your family’s senior. Choose your location and find local resources for your senior.