7 Tips for Sultry Sex over Sixty

Jun 8, 2016

7 Tips for Sultry Sex over Sixty

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In a culture obsessed with youth, open discussions about issues facing aging adults have fallen away from popular attention. Yet, many older adults are still left dealing with intimate issues like sex. Research has shown the desire for sexual activity continues in adults well into their 80’s.

Sex still offers many benefits for older adults as it does for younger adults. Sex can also be just as satisfying for older adults as for younger adults. However, the conversation on sex changes as life changes. Here are seven tips for creating that sensual spark for older adults.

Tips on Sex for Seniors Over Sixty

1. Communicate

Communication is key. It may be a cliché; however, communicating with your partner is a prime step in setting your sex life ablaze once more. One must communicate their needs to be satisfied. When dealing with sex, questions, insecurities and boundaries need to be discussed before the act takes place. This will relieve unwanted tension and create a safe atmosphere. Creating a safe place for sex allows you and your partner to explore your sexual desires more freely.   

2. Visit Your Doctor

Just as communication with your partner is key, communicating with your doctor is also key. With aging adults, health becomes a major factor affecting every aspect of life including sexual activity. Issues like heart disease or erectile dysfunction can become an obstacle. Physical issues can be managed with the right medical treatment and attitude. Allow your doctor to help you find the right solutions. Discuss the limitations your issues can cause and solutions to those issues so you can enjoy intimacy once again.

3. Don’t Forget the Romance

Routines of daily life can cause drudgery within a relationship. Shake your schedule around to fit in romance while kick starting your sex life. Use romantic ideas from adolescent first dates or sexy summer flings to rekindle that young energetic attraction. Take a modern twist on a classic date idea to stir in that puppy love nostalgia back into your relationship. A lifetime of memories and love will flood your senses to ignite your heart.

4. Rely on Experience

Although sex changes as you age, the experience gained during younger escapades can be a crucial tool. Experience means having self-awareness of what is satisfying and what is not. Pull heavily on these experiences and communicate clearly with your partner on what exactly turns you on. Experience in sex is prized for a reason. Do not be afraid to take control. This will cut out any embarrassment, frustration or confusion.

5. Explore

Use your life experience to begin exploring the definition of sex. With more time and more privacy, older adults are in the prime age for exploring their bodies sexually. With experience as a solid foundation, sex can be more enjoyable with an imagination to please you and your partner’s fantasies. Sex therapy is a helpful tool for older adults trying to ignite passion. With professional experience, a sex therapist can help couples work through issues of sex pertaining to exploring fantasies and other emotional obstacles.

6. Embrace Yourself and Your Partner

Sex for aging adults can be scary. Just like sex, aging is natural. It is important to love your body and embrace all the awkward nakedness that accompanies it. Sex is meant to be free and fun. Do not allow superficial body issues to prevent the lasting memories of intimacy and euphoria sex can provide. Communication with your partner (and perhaps your doctor) can create an open dialogue for working through body image insecurities. 

7. Be Present

Sex is a way two (or more) people can find joy in a single moment of life. Allow yourself to be fully present and fully immersed in sex. As life goes on and robots slowly take over our society, it is more and more difficult to find simple moments of joy in human interaction. As sexual and social beings, humans are naturally wired to seek human interaction derived from sexual pleasure. Allow yourself this intimate moment of human joy by being fully present in it.

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