A Senior Fashion Revolution

Jun 8, 2016

A Senior Fashion Revolution

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It is well known that the senior population is a large influential group making up 9 percent of the worldly population. Being one of the most sizable demographics in America, the baby boomer generation is expected to indefinitely increase due to longer and healthier lives.

With more vitality and longer years ahead, the 65 and over crowd is redefining what it means to be elderly.  No longer are baby boomers settling into wooden rocking chairs knitting shawls. Instead, seniors are rediscovering a passion for living later in life. This includes redefining senior fashion, and the younger generations are noticing.

It's Never Too Late for Fashion

Recognized by the fashion industry, a mounting trend is occurring among designers featuring senior models and senior fashion. With the steady rise in the senior citizen population, the move to target this demographic is not a surprise. In recent years, seniors have been openly re-envisioning aging in more ways than one. Financially, baby boomers are changing attitudes about the stereotypical frugalness, which comes with growing older. Instead, many seniors are splurging on things especially fashion, because, well, they can! The sudden surge in interest from the fashion industry comes from the unique tastes emerging from the senior crowd. 

A bright and carefree energy is breaking through manifesting in colorful ensembles and mixed patterns. This cultural underground is being spotlighted more and more in the mainstream specifically in a recent photography series, titled Chinatown Pretty, of senior fashion in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Two photojournalists living in Chinatown regularly observed the dynamic and attention grabbing fashion of the older Chinese population.

The fashion scene was described by the two as, “a breath of youthful and fresh energy integrating styles from across generations.” The seniors in Chinatown are a small portion of the overall older American population; however, Chinatown’s fashion scene is the epitome of a senior fashion revolution brewing. The 65 and over crowd are vehemently reconstructing old stereotypical senior fashion rules and replacing them with breezy individuality!

7 Fashion Tips for Seniors

For those looking to join the senior fashion revolution and revamp their own wardrobes, consider these few style tips.

1. Be You!

The first rule of fashion for any age is confidence and personality! The key to style is being unapologetically you! This is one of the main motivations for seniors dressing today, to express whom they are in a carefree way. Build your wardrobe with versatile pieces, which match your taste and style.

2. Go With the Flow

Do not be afraid of trends! Fashion is all about cycles. Purchasing a couple on-trend pieces will allow you to play outside of your personal style box. Adding only a couple of new items will open the door to a myriad of new ways of styling your existing closet.

3. Broad spectrum

Cultivate a closet consisting of a wide range of styles and types of clothing. With ample amount of time and energy, an array of activities and occasions can be experienced later in life. Therefore, keeping a broad spectrum of items will allow you to have the perfect outfit for any moment! This includes everything from workout clothes to formal wear.

4. Mix N’ Match!

A major commonality among many senior fashionistas, prints on prints on prints is key to creating a chic outfit. Prints can be fun, youthful and a great representation of personal style, especially when mixed.

5. Throw Out The Mom (or Dad) Jeans!

Along with all those other outdated rules, throw out those mom jeans. Growing older does not mean settling for frumpy and unflattering clothing. Yes, the idea of fitted clothing may sound a little terrifying, but finding the right fabric and the right store can make a world of difference. In this day and age, jeans are not actually made from denim anymore. Instead, jeans are more likely to be made from a comfortable and stretchy fabric. Search for a trouser and bootcut fit in jeans and pants. The cut is elegant and fitted, but not too tight to be unforgiving.

6. Pile on the Accessories

Statement jewelry can rejuvenate and add another level of chic to any outfit. Large bauble necklaces, never ending strings of bracelets and bedazzled turbans are a major trendy staple in the senior fashion revolution. Often times, the outfit is not about the clothes at all but about the killer accessories, which make the ensemble! Pairing a simple outfit with a knockout statement piece will always be a timeless combination.

7. Embrace You Own Fashion!

With the rise of the senior fashion revolution, one core idea can be clearly seen through each amazing outfit worn. This ideal is to be true to yourself and your style.  Embracing all of who you are and what built you is the epitome of embracing your own carefree fashion. Life is fashion. Fashion is art and art will always be beautiful, just like you!

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