Faith Based Retirement Options

Jul 22, 2016

Faith Based Retirement Options

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For many seniors, their religious beliefs and values are a large part of their identity. The support they get from their religious communities is like no other. The sense of community and fellowship offered gives seniors and many others a peace of mind. In some religious communities, if a member is sick or experiencing a death in the family, other members may run errands for them, make meals, or show other various signs of support.

Faith & Retirement

Faith becomes extremely important for seniors who are moving away to assisted living, nursing homes, or any other retirement community where they are not sure what sort of values the facility will have. If you or your loved one are one of the many seniors who want to have caregivers that share your faith and values, you should consider moving to a faith-based senior care facility

Seniors and Religion

Studies have shown that seniors feel that their religion can help them cope with the effects of aging, which may include being moved to a senior care facility. Relocating to a nursing home or retirement community may contribute to feelings of loneliness, loss, or despair. The thought of leaving one’s familiar surroundings, including their place of worship can be disheartening and scary. 

Sixty-nine percent of the population over the age of 65 say that religion is “very important” compared to 56% of the total population. Religious seniors, especially those with terminal illnesses, want to be able to discuss faith with their doctors.

Faith Based Senior Communities

While today’s senior care facilities will accommodate to residents of all faiths, for those seniors that want caregivers that share their faith and values, the increasing number of faith-based communities is growing. Moving to a secular senior community allows seniors to maintain their spiritual traditions when transitioning to a senior living community.

Seniors in faith-based communities report deepened relationships with staff and fellow residents that share the same beliefs. Many residents in standard senior care facilities find that their spiritual needs are not being met due to their aging. This may mean that they are not able to attend religious events or discuss their faith.

The benefit of a senior facility dedicated to the resident’s faith is that they are aware of the spiritual needs of aging seniors and will help to provide those services. Many of these faith-based facilities have on-site church services, bible studies, mass, confessional and prayer times, prayer meetings and discussion groups all within the community, making it possible for residents to attend. These facilities may also feature religious artwork as well as before-meal prayers.

Of course, you do not need to be any particular religion or faith to live in a faith-based senior care facility, as most of these communities welcome everyone regardless of your religious background.

Faith Based Retirement Options
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