Fun Activities for Older Adults

Mar 28, 2016

Fun Activities for Older Adults

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There are a lot of fun aspects of aging, such as retirement and grandchildren, but sometimes, as seniors become less independent, life can become dull. Many seniors find themselves unable to participate in activities they used to love. Although, this doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that are fun, active, and age appropriate for seniors!

Here are 12 out of the box indoor and outdoor activities for seniors:

6 Indoor Activities for Seniors

1. Crafting

Crafting is pretty broad, but that’s because every senior has different interests! Maybe one senior enjoys knitting, while another enjoys scrapbooking, while someone else enjoys painting. With social media sites like Pinterest, the crafting possibilities are absolutely endless! Crafting is a great way for seniors to spend their indoor free time.

2. Play computer or video games

Wait – don’t video games turn brains to mush? Not always! Video games and computer games can be really good for seniors, keeping them sharp mentally, while continuously working on motor skills. Seniors can participate in crossword puzzles and word searches online, or get up and get moving with more active games on gaming systems like the Wii.

3. Get cooking

Cooking and baking are great activities for seniors, and it almost always results in eating all sorts of delicious food! Seniors can pick out a favorite recipe from the past, or try something completely new! The best thing about this fun, indoor activity, is that it doubles as cooking dinner!

4. Learn to play an instrument

Ok, so a senior isn’t going to become an instrumental master if they’ve never even picked up the instrument before, but learning a simple song on the guitar, piano or keyboard can be a fun way to help seniors keep their minds young!

5. Journaling

Everyone has a story to tell, especially those that have lived a long life. That’s why writing in a journal is a great activity for seniors! Some seniors may like to jot down brief notes day by day, while some enjoy going back in time and writing down some of their most memorable stories. Writing is a great way for seniors to reflect on life!

6. Dancing

It’s time for seniors to get up and get active and learn a new dance, whether their preference is tap dance, ballroom dancing or jazz, dance classes are great for seniors! Whether a senior is rekindling an old love for dance, or they are new to dance altogether; either way, every senior is sure to have a great time with this indoor activity.

6 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

1. Go pick stuff

Try berry picking, pumpkin picking, apple picking, and more! This is a fun, outdoor activity for almost any season. Not only does this get your senior out of the house and walking around, but you also get to keep/eat whatever you pick! This could lead to fun crafts and dozens of yummy recipes.

2. Plant a garden

Planting a garden provides continuous entertainment due to its need for care. Each day the senior can go out and water, weed and otherwise take care of whatever he or she chooses to plant. Which, in turn, is the best part! Choose to plant flowers, vegetables or whatever your heart desires.

3. Cast a line

Who doesn’t like fishing? Actually, the best thing about this activity is that it can be done in almost any location; whether the closest body of water is a lake, the bay, a river, a creek or even the surf of a nearby beach! Fishing is a great activity for every senior, including those who have never fished before!

4. Set up a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way for seniors to get active outside! Hide some things around the property, whether it’s candy or other goodies, and then give a prize to the people that find everything. Not many things are more motivating than candy and prizes!

5. Visit a petting zoo

Because who doesn’t like petting adorable animals? Petting zoos are a great way for seniors who love animals to get up close and personal, all while in a safe environment. A petting zoo, seniors will come in contact with goats, chickens, horses, llamas and sometimes even cows and pigs! Not to mention, most of these animals love being around people due to their domestic upbringing.

6. Take pictures

Whether a senior has a digital camera or a disposable camera, everyone likes being a photographer for a day. Go outside and take pictures of anything, or make a list of things to find and snap pictures of. Seniors can then make prints of whatever they captured and create other crafts, such as a scrapbook.

When it comes to fun activities for seniors, it’s important to think outside the box. Unique, new activities are more likely to get seniors up, active and participating!

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I've been taking care of my elderly mother for the past couple of months, but I still worry about her when I'm at work. How can I be assured that she's fine during the day?

I understand your concern. There are many different medical alert devices that you can get for your mom. The basic idea is that a senior can press a button and be in touch with someone that can help them in the event of a medical emergency. Some of these devices even have fall detection and GPS as well.  You can see 10 of the top rated medical alert systems from Consumers Advocate. Another option is also Adult Day Care, where your loved one can spend the day in a nursing home community that will take care of all their needs. 

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Should I be worried about heat stroke or heat exhaustion in my older loved one?

The simple answer here is yes. You should definitely be overly cautious when it comes to seniors and hot weather. As we get older, our bodies lose the ability to adjust to a change in temperature, often resulting in conditions like heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Another reason this is common among seniors is because they are more likely to be suffering from a chronic, age-related disorder that alters the body’s typical response to heat.

There are some ways that you can prevent your senior from becoming overheated. Some include staying inside at the hottest times of the day, drinking plenty of fluids, and simply learning the signs and symptoms of heat-related disorders

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