Technology Adaption for Seniors

Jul 22, 2016

Technology Adaption for Seniors

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Technology is a gift meant to better our lives to make everyday tasks more efficient and effective, and contrary to popular belief, it is not just meant for the young. Yes, it is near impossible to go a whole day without seeing a toddler being mesmerized by the iPhone or iPad in their tiny sticky hands, but that doesn't mean that technology and apps are not beneficial or made for seniors.

Technology Applications for Seniors

Here are couple different apps that can make your life as a senior a bit easier:

Brain Food

The Lumosity app is one of the most popular apps for those who want to maintain a healthy and active mind. Originally made to prevent or the lessen the chances of Alzheimer’s disease and forms of dementia, Lumosity is proving to be popular beyond the senior citizen community with its variety of playful puzzles disguised as games. But don’t be fooled, these puzzles were made by neurologists and are scientifically proven to improve your mind.

For the fact that most games and puzzles naturally challenge the mind, downloading the classics like chess, sudoku, and crosswords is a good and advisable idea. The popular Words with Friends app is the reincarnated version of the classic board game, Scrabble, where you have the chance to challenge friends and family far and wide, perfect for those who prefer not to play alone.

Senior Health and Safety

Whether you’re actively keeping your mind quick and agile with popular and competitive games or not, our memory is bound to fail us at some point, no matter what the age. Apps like Medisafe, Pillboxie, and MyPillbox ensure your medication regime isn’t one of those times. With alerts on what medication to take and at what times, they help you manage your medications with reminders and reports making your current treatment plans one less thing to worry about. Starting a new medication but you don’t know much about it? Look it up on the MedWatcher app. Learn about drugs, vaccines, and medical devices and whether any side effects have been reported from its online community.

If your blood pressure is one of your major concerns, keep track of it with apps like Blood Pressure Monitor and iBP Blood Pressure. The Blood Pressure Monitor app not only monitors your blood pressure, as the name suggests, but also keeps track of your weight, provides statistical reports that can be easily sent to your health care providers. The iBP Blood Pressure app requires a separate device for accurate tracking.

While on the subject of monitoring, whether it’s for your family’s peace of mind or yours, for whatever type of emergency, the Red Panic Button app sends a text message and email to people of your choosing with GPS coordinates. Seeing that we don’t all live in plastic bubbles, we are all prone to injury at some point, and when that unfortunate time happens you can perform basic physical therapy in the comfort of your own home with the BlueJay PT app. With a friendly and easy to use interface, this app teaches you various movements with guided steps to relieve pain while tracking your progress.

Senior Finance

The highly popular Mint Bills and Money app gives you a peace of mind with your money that you never thought was possible. It allows to link all you bank accounts, credit cards, and billing accounts to see exactly how money is moving in and out of your accounts. Pair Mint Bills and Money with the Smart401k Calculator app to learn all the steps you need to take for a comfortable retirement. The app answers questions you may have on investing and your 401k and with a personalized account you’ll see if you’re sitting pretty. Budgeting just got a lot more easier, and your retirement fund will surely thank you.

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I divorced my ex-husband over a year ago, but I'm lonely and interested in meeting new men. What elderly dating websites do you recommend?

Some of the best elderly dating websites are and SeniorsPeopleMeet. These websites focus on connecting seniors with other seniors. However, websites like Eharmony and Match are also well-known dating sites for all ages, just remember to adjust the age range of the men you’re interested in meeting! We wish you the best of luck!

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My father has lived in the same house for over 50 years, so he's reluctant to leave. How do I talk to him about moving to a senior care community?

When people grow attached to a familiar setting, moving to a senior care community can be a difficult subject, especially when caregiving is involved. To avoid excessive stress for you and your loved one, there are ways to bring up "the move" to elderly parents. Remember to remain honest and address any concerns your father may have. Prepare yourself for resistance. 

Have you checked out our Is It Time to Seek Senior Care Checklist? This resources will help you decide if it really is the right time for your senior to move out. This may be something that you want to bring to a meeting with your senior to show them some reasons why it may not be safe for them to live independently anymore.

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