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What are my CCRC housing options?
Moderator SeniorCaring
1 answer
Moderator SeniorCaring

At the level of independent living, seniors can enjoy anything from a studio apartment to a freestanding cottage. These housing options allow residents to come and go as they please, living as they would in their own homes - all with the added benefits of a CCRC.

As an individual’s needs evolve, they may find that smaller rooms and apartments are easier to manage. The idea is that your transition between the different care levels shouldn’t be hindered by your housing option. CCRCs present that freedom to change your environment as you see fit.

Additionally, many CCRCs have specific wings for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients known as memory care units.

Regardless of the housing style you choose, you’ll have the same 24-hour security and medical staffing available campus-wide.