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Who lives in CCRCs?
Moderator SeniorCaring
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Moderator SeniorCaring

Each community is different, but most people living in CCRCs are from 55-65 years of age. Some may have age requirements, while others may not or just don’t actively enforce this rule. Even people on CCRC waitlists are mostly between the ages of 55 and 65.

Throughout the country, CCRCs cater to just about every spiritual preference, lifestyle, and orientation. Finding a community that holds your same core values means you’ll be around lots of like-minded people with whom to enjoy the golden years of retirement. 

It really is important to develop a network of friends and acquaintances during your stay at a CCRC, but it isn't usually hard when you've found a great fitting environment. That’s what really makes it a community!

If only one spouse is outside of this common age limit, it may be possible for couples to move to a CCRC given a particular facility’s policy. In some cases, adult children who are dependent on a parent moving to a CCRC will also be allowed to make the transition. It’s not always a guarantee but check with your prospective CCRC to get an entire rundown of the options.