Finding Independent Senior Living in Delaware

Independent living communities in Delaware are great places for older adults still able to carry out their normal routine but who enjoy the added benefit of receiving care as needed. Devoted to social enrichment, support, and overall well-being, this senior care type allows individuals to live at their own pace. Each location offers a unique communal experience, with varying amenities and recreational opportunities. There are also a variety of housing options to choose from when searching for independent living in Delaware. Seniors can consider moving into a studio apartment, townhome, a small cottage, and everything in between. By combining senior care with an emphasis on independence, this option is becoming very popular.


Find Senior Caring Options by County

Independent Living in Delaware - Cost Comparison

City Monthly Minimum Monthly Maximum Monthly Median
Wilmington $698 $4,300 $2,864
Dover $745 $5,975 $3,532
Newark $544 $3,859 $2,675

Delaware has 12 independent living communities with an average cost of $2,864 per month.

Every independent living community offers a unique range of amenities and services. You’ll likely find housekeeping and linen services, transportation, meal plans, and fitness centers anywhere you go. Medical services are available but usually, come at an extra cost. Independent living is about sustainability when it comes to pricing - here you can compare several cities in Delaware to choose the best option!

Recreations & Attractions in Delaware

Delaware has so much to offer besides their well-known beaches. Other attractions include the Brandywine Creek, Grand House Opera, Nassau Valley Vineyards, the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, and much more. The Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library was founded by Henry Francis du Pont and is a collection of American decorative art along with artifacts from the du Pont family. Due to the library having the best works in its collection, many scholars from all over the world come to study the literary pieces. Along with all the different sites to be seen, there are also different events that take place in Delaware on such as the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival, the Apple-Scrapple Festival, and others.

Delaware's Climate, Geography & Culture

Delaware has the average temperature of 57 degrees, a high temperature of 66 degrees, and a low temperature of 47 degrees. Winter temperatures are in the 40s and the summer temperatures are in the 80s. The spring and fall temperatures are between the 50-70s. Summers are usually hot, humid, and wet while the winters are cold, dry and commonly have snow. Delaware typically receives 46 inches of rainfall and 16 inches of snowfall, annually.

Delaware is America's first state and though small, contains many historic highlights. Having remained largely unchanged for over 300 years, visitors to Delaware can explore coastal towns like Lewes and New Castle for a step back in time to glimpse where colonial life had taken place. The state's laid-back and friendly residents enjoy the remnants of colonial architecture and abounding natural backdrop that the state provides.

Delaware Independent Living Regulations and Laws

All rules and regulations of Delaware independent living communities are overseen by the Department of Health and Social Services. Independent living communities are required to undergo inspections in order to continue their operation. Each state outlines the specific qualifications for senior care and ensures that you are receiving the best care possible. Annual reports of are to be made public upon request, detailing any past violations and the steps taken to correct them. 

Crime & Safety in Delaware

Sperling’s Best Places ranked Delaware 52 on a scale of 100 (1 being the lowest crime) for violent crime and 48 for property crime; the United States overall ranked 41 for violent crime and 44 for property crime. The city of Wilmington is a hotspot for crime, which is why the Cease Violence Wilmington was created. The program sends people called interrupters to the crime hotspots to talk to those who are potential offenders or have been offenders in the past. The aim is to steer the young adults away from a life of crime. One way to do so is by getting the young adults employment. The program is still new, but Jackson hopes it lessens the crime in Delaware, especially in Wilmington.

LocationViolent Crimes Per 1,000 ResidentsProperty Crimes Per 1,000 Residents
Ocean View0.4816.46

Payment Options for Independent Living

One option available to seniors to help pay for independent living in Delaware is the Veterans' Benefits program. This program offers benefits that are available to provide a single person with around $1,644 a month, or $1,949 for couples. If a spouse survives their veteran partner, they are still eligible to receive up to $1,056 a month. 

Long-term care insurance is another option and the individual would receive an allowance daily in order for them to receive care. Seniors can also pay for this care option with their pension, savings, or other assets available to them. 

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides support for those who are blind or have a disability or have children to support, but must have low income and assets, be over 65 years of age, and a current U.S. citizen. Senior Living Line of Credit provides a credit line up to $50,000 for families to borrow and pay for senior care. After approval, the family can take as much money as they need to pay for the care. Some seniors will receive support from their families to help pay for their senior care while most seniors pay for their senior care by using their pension, savings, and selling off their assets.

Senior & Elderly Rights for Independent Living in Delaware

Residents of independent living communities in Delaware retain their rights to personal privacy, to file official complaints, and most importantly receive the care they need in a safe, welcoming environment. Just because someone enters an independent living community doesn't mean they waive their constitutional rights!

Generally speaking, all residents reserve the right to manage their own medical care and financial affairs. If you suspect that your rights have been violated, contact a lawyer versed in elder law or a similar advocacy group. 

To learn more about exercising your rights, you can review the Delaware Ombudsman

DE Independent Living Medical Record Rules & Regulations 

State and federal HIPAA laws require that all resident records and medical reports of services provided on community grounds are recorded, maintained and available to residents in a timely manner. These documents are to remain confidential and residents are to be notified in order to authorize their disclosure to any other third-party. 

Finding the perfect senior care community is only part of making your loved one’s senior living transition smooth. At SeniorCaring, we know that it is also equally important to be aware of what other community services and resources are available to your family’s senior. Choose your location and find local resources for your senior.