Independent Living Communities in Vermont

Independent living communities in Vermont are great places for older adults still able to carry out their normal routine but who enjoy the added benefit of receiving care as needed. With independent living, residents have access to optional services such as transportation, meal preparation, and housekeeping. Whether it's a studio apartment or a townhome, independent living is quickly becoming one of the most popular long-term care options for seniors.


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Cost Comparisons of Vermont's Independent Living

City Monthly Minimum Monthly Maximum Monthly Median
Burlington $3,000 $4,525 $3,763
Middlebury $3,273 $4,700 $3,986
Rutland $3,150 $4,478 $3,814

Vermont has 9 independent living communities with the average cost of $2,715 per month.

Each community has unique amenities and services, but your monthly payments provide access to the main features. With housekeeping, transportation services, fitness centers, and meal plans being the standard, you’ll be able to find a community that fits your personality and budget. Independent living in Vermont varies in cost based on location, size, and the housing options available.

Recreation & Attractions in Vermont

Vermont has many interesting sights to see such as the Lake Champlain Islands, the Spider Web Farm, Vermont Ski Museum, Smuggler’s Notch, Mount Ascutney, Stowe Mountain Resort, and more.

Referred to as just the Islands, Lake Champlain Islands are popular with cyclists and those wishing to relax and enjoy Vermont's beauty. With the sixth largest lake in the country and over 200 miles of shoreline, there are hiking trails and nearby vineyards so everyone can find something to do. Called The Original Website by its creator, the Spider Web Farm is an art studio, retail outlet, and residence owned by William Knight. He uses spider webs to produce art. You can't talk about Vermont without talking about the slopes. Smugglers’ Notch and Stowe Mountain Resort are both popular ski resorts. Smugglers’ Notch is the fourth largest in New England and Stowe Mountain Resort is the fifth largest in New England. With many ski resorts, the family can have a fun winter getaway when they come to visit.

Vermont's Climate, Geography & Culture

Known for humid summers and colorful autumns, Vermont has a humid continental climate. Summer temperatures average in the 70s to 80s, while winter brings temperatures in the 20s and 30s. Vermont is the seventh coldest state in the U.S., know for having winters that are too cold to snow. But depending on where you are in the state, you may find winter brings you anywhere from 60 to 100 inches in snowfall. The state also receives about 37 inches of rainfall per year.

The state has seemingly endless picturesque farms and historic villages, most of which are filled with locally-made products and people passionate about their surroundings. Although they may not come off as friendly at first, most Vermonters are warm-hearted and honest, hard working people. 

Vermont's Independent Living Regulations and Laws

All rules and regulations of Vermont independent living communities are overseen by The Department of Aging and Disabilities. These regulations ensure that all communities meet the appropriate health, safety, and medical conditions. Your safety and satisfaction are of utmost importance to your community and fellow residents, so never feel discouraged from airing your grievance if you think a violation has been made. 

Crime & Safety in Vermont

Vermont may very well be one of the safest states in the entire country. Violent crime rates score at .99 compared to the national median of 3.8. There is also an average of 5 crimes per square mile that is 6 times less than the most of the country. Finding a safe location for a long-term senior care option is well within the range of possibility in Vermont. Listed below are some of the safest cities found statewide.

LocationViolent Crimes Per 1,000 ResidentsProperty Crimes Per 1,000 Residents

Payment Options for Vermont Independent Living

Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for independent living in most cases, so most seniors choose to pay with their own private funds, assets, or pensions. However, if these options are unavailable then it may be necessary to consider what other options are out there. Another popular option to pay for independent living is by opening a senior living line of credit. This can allow up to $50,000 of unsecured credit to pay for care as needed. With flexible repayment options and the funds sent directly to your community, this method is a safe option for those who are approved. 

Senior & Elderly Rights for Independent Living in Vermont

You are still a U.S. citizen in an independent living community, so your Constitutional rights and those afforded by the Bill of Rights still apply in full. You are entitled to make your own decisions regarding your medical care and financial matters. Never at any point should you be subjected to mental or physical abuse in any form. If a violation of your rights has been made, contact a lawyer versed in elder law right away. For assistance in learning about and exercising your rights, you can review the Vermont Ombudsman for more details. 

VT Independent Living Medical Record Rules & Regulations

According to state and federal HIPPA laws, your medical records are to be maintained by your community or healthcare provider for up to 7 years following your discharge from a facility or community. These records are to remain confidential, yet they are available upon request. Since this information is highly personal and private, don't feel obligated to disclose it without the supervision of your healthcare provider. 

Finding the perfect senior care community is only part of making your loved one’s senior living transition smooth. At SeniorCaring, we know that it is also equally important to be aware of what other community services and resources are available to your family’s senior. Choose your location and find local resources for your senior.