Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Jun 8, 2016

Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

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Retired & Senior Volunteer Opportunities

Seniors who have retired may find themselves wanting to give back to the world, and so they will offer their experience and skills as a volunteer. There are many senior volunteers, and organizations want senior volunteers for their knowledge and skills. Many organizations need assistance and seniors are fortunately eager to help. Listed below are many volunteer opportunities available for seniors.

Working With Children

If you want to make an impact on a child’s life, then joining an organization that benefits children is a great way to start! Many children’s hospitals want volunteers to help read stories, tutor, and monitor kids. Volunteers also assist the families of kids with their every need. Typically, any individual that intends on working with children will have to get a background check and work a certain amount of time per week.

Senior Corps

The Senior Corps links seniors who are 55 and older with others in need of assistance. Most of the seniors will take on the task of being a mentor, coach or companion (not just for children). The Senior Corps Foster Grandparent program offers seniors the chance to guide children in schools and youth facilities.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

With Big Brothers Big Sisters, Seniors create close relationships with kids who need some adult guidance and someone who cares about them. This program builds a stronger relationship between the child and adult with benefits for both. The adult is allowed to give back to the community and help out a child in need, and the child is provided with a caring companion that will offer advice.

Building a New Beginning

There are many disasters that happen in the world that devastates many families; destroyed houses and the loss of loved ones. Fortunately, there are many organizations dedicated to serving these survivors and help them begin a new life. Some may have experienced a disaster such as a flood, tornado, tsunami, earthquake or any other disaster. They have lost everything, so Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and the Medical Reserve Corps have been created by caring individuals who want to help as much as possible. These organizations are always looking for volunteers in order to help even more people.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit group that works alongside the survivors of a disaster to rebuild or repair their home. By having the survivors help build their own place, this will provide them with more pride.

Red Cross

Those who have experienced a disaster will receive help from the Red Cross, and volunteers are always welcome. Volunteers need to have CPR certification or other lifesaving skills. Typically, volunteers will be dealing with donations, supplies, and other important tasks. The victims of disasters are traumatized by their experience, so it is important that the volunteers comfort them and assist them in any way.

Medical Reserve Corps

The need for volunteers to help with disaster relief and assist the victims with any need created this organization. Volunteers are needed to provide their services as chaplains, legal advisors, office workers, and other important positions.

Seniors have the opportunity to give back to their community by providing their services to veterans and active members of the different armed forces groups. The veterans and active members are providing the people with protection and their own freedom, so it is important to give back to these individuals. The United Service Organization or the USO performs this task by assisting these members.

United Service Organization or USO

The USO assists veterans and active members in order to give a better life for the members and their families. Volunteers help veterans by providing services such as greeting the troops, providing hot food and drinks, blankets, and other help. This organization gives thanks to those who have served their country and people by giving back.

There are many hunger relief groups that work towards helping individuals who have suffered through a disaster or cannot afford food. Local food banks and community gardens aim to prevent hunger, especially among senior citizens.

Meals on Wheels

Volunteers help prevent malnutrition by providing nutritional programs to senior citizens.

The Nomad Volunteer

Many volunteer work opportunities may send a senior abroad to participate in different types of work such as education, archaeology, restoration, preservation, and other work. A volunteer vacation (also called voluntourism and service learning) is when a retired senior, who has the money and time, will travel in order to give back to the world.

Projects Abroad

The Projects Abroad truly appreciates having seniors as volunteers since seniors have had more experiences in their life and therefore have more to offer. Many of the volunteer positions available are teachers, caregivers, and archaeologists.

Road Scholar

Trips abroad for this program can range from a few nights to a couple of weeks. There are all kinds of opportunities for seniors to get involved such as tutoring in small villages or Native American reservations, preserving wildlife and plant-life, archaeology work, among other opportunities.

Caring for Animals

There are plenty of animal shelters, human societies, and rescues that need volunteers to help with the animals. If you love helping animals, then volunteering at one of these sites would be a great opportunity. Volunteers are needed for administrative tasks and saving animals from a disaster such as a flood, fire or other emergencies.

Seniors can also serve as a foster parent to an animal until they find a home. Individuals who own pets can have their pets go through a pet therapy training. If their pets finish the training program, then they can be brought to a children’s hospital, nursing home of somewhere else to bring comfort to the patients.

Other Opportunities to Volunteer

Seniors have experienced so much in their lives, which is why they are treasured as volunteers. By volunteering, seniors feel they have a purpose once more and can share their knowledge with others. If they cannot work anymore in their original fields, that does not mean they cannot find another way. Teachers, legal advocates, administrators, and other professionals are needed to help with others.

Legal Advocate

Seniors can act as legal representation for organizations, populations, children, and abused spouses. They can create a contract for negotiations, defend the rights of individuals and companies, and work towards benefiting others.


Political campaigns always need some help and by volunteering, seniors can feel they are making a difference once more.


Tour guides are needed for all sorts of places such as museums, universities, and landmarks. Many of these places will even provide a training program for volunteers to learn how to be a tour guide. Tour guides are important because they pass on the incredible history and educate individuals of important landmarks.

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