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Senior Safety: How to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Fires, hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes happen all across the country. These devastating events can occur with little warning. In the case of these events, it’s smart to be prepared! Seniors, make sure you know how to prepare for natural disasters! Follow along with these tips to ensure your safety the next time a natural disaster may occur!

Prepare for Natural Disasters

How to Prepare for Natural Disasters: Make A Plan

First things first…stay as educated as possible about the upcoming foul weather. Stay updated on the news and listen to the instruction of professionals. If they’re telling you to evacuate…evacuate! Reach you to your children or extended family members that are located in a “safe” area.

If weatherman and professionals local to the area deem it safe to stay in the area, as long as you are indoors, heed their advice. Make sure you are prepared to spend an extended amount of time indoors. Head to your grocery store and stock up on storm food essentials. Buy plenty of water and packaged goods! Make sure you have clean clothing and extra blankets in the event that the power shuts off. Finally, if there is potential flooding unplug all valuable electronics and their corresponding chargers and move them to higher ground. Safely wait out the storm and stay updated from your local news channels regarding the aftermath of the storm.

How to Prepare for Natural Disasters: Evacuation Checklist

If the local news channels are advising that the natural disaster requires an evacuation, take their advice. But before you or your partner frantically jump into the car and drive off, make sure you have these essentials packed.

1. Portable Phone Charger

In the event of an evacuation, you’ll be busy enough finding family or friends to stay with and packing an emergency bag, that you won’t have time to think if your phone is charged! Instead, just remember to throw in a portable phone charger in your bag. Keeping your phone charged in case you have to contact others!

2. Don’t Forget Your Medication

If your town requires an evacuation make sure you grab all medical necessities, including any daily medication that you or your spouse may be taking! Don’t leave town without any critical prescription drugs that you must be taking on a daily basis, because you don’t know when you’ll be back!

3. Extra Layers and Blankets

When packing your emergency bag, consider bringing extra clothing layers and blankets. Depending on where you are heading, the temperature may be different or houses could lose power. Stay safe and pack a few extra layers to ensure you will stay warm!

 4. Extra Water and Water Bottles

Before you head out the door, grab extra water and water bottles. If you need to evacuate an area, don’t slow yourself down making stops along the way for water. Simply pack extra water!

5. Important Documents

Yes, seriously! Before you go, gather together a folder of important documents. Bring personal identification cards, insurance information, important phone numbers, and any other important paperwork that could get lost or damaged in a severe storm.

6. Bring Extra Cash

When packing, make sure to bring extra cash. Just in case ATM’s aren’t accessible where you are heading. Stay safe and pack extra cash!

7. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is always smart to have close by. Right before you head out of the door, pack a small first aid kit. In the event of a small injury, avoid any added stress of needing to stop and get supplies. Make sure you have bandage wraps, Band-Aids, and alcohol wipes in your kit!

What are some other important evacuation tips and packing necessities that weren’t listed above? Let us know how you prepare for natural disasters in the comments below!

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